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Mediterranean food in Arlington, Texas.

We provide our diners with classic, traditional cuisine. As one of the only restaurants in the area that specializes in Mediterranean food, we encourage you to stop by and try some of our top dishes and see for yourself why so many locals pick us for lunch and dinner.
Kabobs - Gyros to Go in Arlington, TX
Greek Restaurant - Gyros to Go in Arlington, TX
Inside the restaurant - Gyros to Go in Arlington, TX

Traditional Cooking Methods

When we decided to open a Greek restaurant, we wanted to use the same traditional cooking methods used by chefs in Greece throughout history. Our customers love our gyros, which we make fresh every day. All of our gyros feature meat that we slow roast at a low temperature on a spit, which gives that meat a delicious texture that practically melts in your mouth. Once the meat reaches the perfect temperature and consistency, we slice thin pieces ... Read more

Visit Gyros to Go for Lunch or Dinner

We're conveniently located in the south Arlington area, and you can stop by our restaurant for lunch or dinner. Many guests love that we offer larger portions that are perfect for hungry diners and those who like to share. While some choose to stay and eat with us, others prefer taking their food to go. Though we have comfortable seating available, we can also make your meal fresh and wrap it up for to take home. Visit our Arlington restaurant to take some “Gyros to Go” or to sample some of the most delicious Greek and Mediterranean food in Texas.